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Nevada Debt Counseling Attorney

Why should you use an Attorney for Debt Counseling?

When you are being hounded by creditors and debt collectors is can become difficult to think clearly and arrive at a logical decision.  Debt counseling companies can make very attractive offers over the phone and even in person.  You are wise to beware of statements and promises which sound "too good to be true".  There are numerous scams and unqualified "debt counselors" who do not have the knowledge to truly advise you about the downside of using their services.  Many do not tell you that their fees are hidden and actually paid out of the payments you make to your creditor. Non-attorney debt counselors can leave a consumer in a far worse financial situation than before.  There are advantages to getting advice from a Nevada bankruptcy attorney

Debt Counseling Lawyer in Nevada

A debt counseling lawyer at the firm can analyze your financial situation, listen to your concerns and what you want to achieve, will fully explain your debt relief options and advise you on the remedies which will best help you to reach your goal.  An attorney:

  • Knows the law,
  • Understands any potential tax consequences,
  • Must advise you fully as to advantages and disadvantages of any debt relief action,
  • Must answer to the bar association for any unethical practice or behavior,
  • Debt settlement agreements with creditors arranged through legal counsel are far more likely to be adhered to
  • Cannot use misleading general statements
  • Can represent you in debt litigation
  • Tells you the cost of his or her services
  • Can use the law to protect you from foreclosure, law suits, harassment, arrange loan modifications and more

The legal team at the firm can tell you what can and cannot be done in your case and will be responsive to your needs in arranging debt settlement, debt resolution and debt consolidation and help you with violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Call Price Law Group to consult with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer regarding debt relief.

Contact a Debt Counseling Lawyer in Nevada at the firm who can give you advice on all debt relief options available.

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